Hook up sound card to receiver

I cannot figure out how to connect my pc to stereo receiver in order to stream audio i am on my second audio/video receiver, which replaced an older stereo receiver. Hook the hdmi from your dish receiver to panasonic display and an optical cable from the dish receiver to the sony system for sound you should also connect the sony receiver to the panasonic with component cables for a better picture than the composite cable for dvd playback just as phil also said. How to set up your pc for great surround sound ever since the first pc sound card there have been issues trying to entice beautiful music from the contraptions an av receiver with hdmi.

Im using the home theater my sound goes through my video card to the a/v receiver via hdmi once you boot your computer up via hdmi right click on the speakers icon in the taskbar and open playback devices then it should say your tv name or receiver at the bottom click on configure and the rest is easy the sound card you got will not do 51. When you buy a 71 sound card the mannual will tell you all you need to know with reguards to how to connect the soundcard to your 71 setup most use 4 stereo jacks that split to 2 phono plugs which will need to be connected to a 71 av amp or dedicated 71 pc speaker setup. How to connect 51 sound system to my laptop best solution to find a adapter that can hook up to connect another 2 headphone jack to the 2 jack to the laptopnot about the sound card :d. Although most roku streaming players do not decode surround sound formats such as dolby ® digital or dts ®, they can pass-through the signal to an audio/video receiver (avr), sound bar, or tv, that is capable of decoding surround sound.

Make sure you have the most recent driver for your sound card then, you may just need to configure the computer to recognize different speaker setups if you right click the speaker symbol in the task bar, choose playback devices. I am trying to hook up vr-615 kenwood 51 receiver to pc soundblaster live 24bit sound card ( which supports 51) all i have for receiver is 3 way cable ( red-audio left, white-audio right, and yellow - video), on sound card i have 4 holes - mic, audio in and out , not sure what the other hole is for. How to hook up your home theater receiver to connect your surround sound if you're new here, the way our how-to guides work is simple: first, you click a link, say, for home theater receivers (which brought you here. How to connect a computer to a sound system receiver.

The second thing to do in the recording setup process is to set up the tape deck output and sound card input so you have the maximum volume coming from the tape deck possible without overloading the input of the sound card or other audio interface. You'd connect the pc's hdmi output to the hdmi equipped av receiver and the av receiver's hdmi output to the hdmi equipped tv the pc would output both audio and video via hdmi to the av receiver and the receiver would extract the audio signal while passing through the video data to the tv. Connections to support more advanced sound technologies—including various forms of dolby digital, thx, and 41, 51, and 71 speaker configurations—will meet with varying success, depending on the compatibility of the outputs from your sound card and the inputs on your sound system.

Surround sound receivers 40 of 5339 results that match your query search product result product - pyle home pt390au 300-watt digital home stereo receiver system with usb/sd card reader product image price should review the terms & conditions for a more detailed description as well as service limitations prior to signing up for. How do i hook up 71 surround sound to my computer i'm planning on buying a 71 surround sound card but i only have 3 jacks on the back of my computer i have enough speakers already, and i was just wondering how to connect all of them to the computer. Learn how to hook your pc to your stereo or receiver in order to enhance you audio experience while playing games, watching videos, listening to music or even editing audio.

Hook up sound card to receiver

How to connect hd tv, hd receiver, and stereo receiver to hear dvd audio thru stereo and see dvd video on tv i have a std directv receiver with coax cable btwn the box and tv the tv is an lg full hd w/3 hdmi inputs and 1 hdmi output. I think i would have to hook up my sound card to the 51 analog receiver, and then from my sound card to the z5500 controller for the sub that seems like it would be a mess, but im just wondering #5 djk12587 , may 8, 2008. Hook up the turntable to the “phono” input on the ax-66 using what looks like a regular rca cable but it has an extra cable to hook up the “gnd” connection the extra cable “grounds” the turntable. From an old receiver: hook the tape out jacks to the sound input on your computer from an external preamp: hook the preamp outputs to a computer input use audio editing software (audacity is an example, and is freeware) to record.

I need pure sound from the sound blaster going to my receiver via analog cables because via spdif - there are limitations that's all as i said hdmi out is on the video-card, meaning that it most likely screws the sound up with it's integrated sound-chip, and this is the reason i want to use the more quality sound directly from the sblaster. Hi al, the only way to connect a soundbar to the denon avr-588 receiver is to use the hdmi output from the receiver, into the vizio soundbar, you can then connect a tv from the vizio’s hdmi output to get a picture, you will need to turn off the tv’s internal speakers for proper sound. Most surround sound kits include a receiver if you bought your surround sound set second-hand, you may have to buy the receiver separately all speakers will connect to your receiver via av cable, but the receiver can use optical, hdmi, or av cables to connect to your tv.

Solved can cheap 51 pc speaker produce surround sound if i connect it with my mobile or external sound card solution solved how to connect laptop to 51 surround sound solution more resources. If you have the titanium version of the x-fi you could use an toslink optical cable to connect the 4250hd to the sound card this will give you surround sound this will give you surround sound. Now, to the main topic at hand: your computer's usb audio port, which can connect to external audio devices that play music from any web site, file, music service, or app. I have a yamaha rx-v367 receiver that i have a very nice set of klipsch speakers hooked up to for 51 surround sound my only problem is that my pc only has 35mm ports on it.

Hook up sound card to receiver
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